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Food on the Grow! at New Horizons

NH homemade pots

Homemade pots for seed sowing at a recent community gardening event

Food on the Grow! at New Horizons in Wythenshawe created welcoming gardening and food growing areas around the perimeter of St Andrew’s church. Participants chose to garden for a half- or full day, or as long as they felt they could.

NH Potting up and seed sowing

Indoor potting up and seed sowing during a rainy day

As well as battling lots of mares tail (!), participants pruned fruit trees, sowed and planted-out veg, propagated plants through cuttings, pressed apples and beetroot to make fresh juice, plus created a colourful welcome through planting an array of bedding plants in front of the New Horizons building.

Thinning out salad crops in containers When produce was harvested, cooking sessions used the veg grown as a way of demonstrating how to make healthy, tasty, and affordable meals.

Planting out perennials in the front border

Planting out perennials in the front border

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