Growing School

Helping communities to grow their own fruit, veg & flowers

Growing Kids at Rack House Primary School

Muddy hands!

Muddy hands!

Whilst Rack House Primary School has a big green space complete with majestic trees, staff felt they needed guidance with knowing how to grow a variety of fruit and veg in this area with their pupils. From February 2015 Celia and Nicola developed a food growing area with children, staff and parents/carers through weekly gardening clubs and seasonal after school events.

RH Digging to make a raised bed

Lots of hard graft to make a raised bed

RH The Three Sisters planting out sweetcorn, pumpkins and climbing beans

Bespoke shorter sessions to suit small groups of children with additional learning needs were also delivered as part of this project, which were thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff!

RH Sowing fennel in a raised bed



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