Growing School

Helping communities to grow their own fruit, veg & flowers

Roots and Shoots

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Roots and Shoots began in January 2012 at Stretford Grammar School with a volunteer day to make raised beds, sow seedlings and plant fruit trees. This beautiful gardening club logo was also designed by a student as part of the project.

Weekly term-time lunchtime and afternoon gardening clubs facilitated by Growing School enabled students to gain practical skills about food growing. Since April 2012, gardening club members  mentored children from the nearby Little Learners nursery about growing their own veg.

Congratulations were given to students who helped to win the Royal Horticultural Society’s vegetable trug competition for secondary schools at Tatton Park, July 2012. The RHS has also awarded Stretford Grammar its Level 1 and 2 awards for the school’s commitment to food growing.

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